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PCB Design

PCB Design

Flexi-Rigid PCB

C.B.M. Designs offers a first-rate service designing Printed Circuit Boards, with over 60 man-years experience.

Our designers use the latest PADS-PCB software and our policy is to manually place and route all our designs. This enables us to keep the number of layers to a minimum.

For example, we quite often reduce previously auto-routed designs of 8 layers to 4/6 layers, giving large savings on P.C.B. manufacture, vastly reducing the complexity of the design and reducing the hole count. We cover all fields including Analogue, Digital, Mixed Signal E.M.C. and RF.

Types of PCB's vary from single-sided to multi-layer and flexi-rigids and we are well acquainted with SMT designs, B.G.A's, blind and buried vias, matched and controlled impedance and differential pairs.

Inputs can be from hard copy Circuit Diagrams and Parts Lists, to electronic Data from Pads Schematic, Orcad and others. We can also generate Circuit Diagrams on Pads Schematic from information supplied, even hand drawn sketches.

Outputs that can be supplied are Schematic and PCB Layout Files, drilling/manufacturing drawings, Assembly drawings, biscuit/route drawings, complex step and repeat files etc. Documentation can be check-plots (placement and part/complete design), Gerber Files, PDF, DXF, HPGL, NC Drill Files, Pick and Place, Solder paste masks etc.

We also offer an Electronics Design service, taking ideas and concepts from paper to reality. The design skills of our specialist engineers include Analogue Electronics, Micro-Electronics, PC Software and embedded software and Quality Control to meet applicable Standards.

All our engineers have years of experience in different manufacturing sectors and this is advantageous when we handle your project. In addition to project design, we can also manage EMC testing for new assemblies at various test houses.

For more information about our PCB design and assembly services, contact C.B.M. Designs Ltd on: 0116 287 4201 /


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